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Bird ringing in the Czech Republic - history, present and perspectives

Jaroslav Cepák, Petr Klvaňa

Bird Ringing Centre, National Museum, Praha, Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, bird ringing has a long tradition. Already in 1910, the LOTOS ringing centre was established in Liběchov (Liboch). In 1934, another ringing centre was founded in Praha under the Czechoslovak Society for Ornithology. The centre had a close link-up with the National Museum, therefore, all rings bore the lettering N. MUSEUM PRAHA (this tradition has been kept until now). Considering its international importance, the ringing centre was associated with the National Museum in 1964, becoming a scientific institution. Despite the separation of Czechoslovakia into two independent countries in 1992, the Praha Ringing Centre had co-ordinated bird ringing in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia until a new ringing centre was established in Bratislava at the end of 2001.
Nowadays, the centre co-operates with ringing schemes throughout Europe and is a member of the European Union for Bird Ringing (EURING). About 370 active co-workers of the centre operate in all parts of the country. In the last ten years, the overall ringing activity has been increasing with almost 160,000 birds ringed in 2004.
In the near future, “traditional” bird ringing should be focused mainly on long-term monitoring of common bird species (e.g. CES project) and work of specialized research groups (Corncrake Working Group, Black Stork WG etc.), thus combining bird ringing with their monitoring and conservation.

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