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Status of Ringing Stations in Palestine
Riad Abu Sada
Talitha Kumi Ringing Station, Palestine

  • Palestine is a unique location, connecting Africa, Asia, and Europe with diverse terrain making it an ideal annual migration stop for approximately 500 million birds.
  • In 1998 the Environmental Education Center began monitoring birds as a tool to study migration patterns, by opening two ringing stations (Talitha Kumi -  Beit Jala & Jericho) in 2000, as a first in the Arab World.
  • The Talitha Kumi Ringing Station (TKRS) is located on Al-Rass Mountain, 913 m above sea level, 2 km west of the Nativity Church and 10 km southwest of Jerusalem, at the core of the western bird migration route in Palestine.
  • The Jericho Ringing Station (JRS) is found at the Rift Valley bird migration route, but has been inactive since the beginning of Sept. 2000 due to the political situation and uprising in the region.
  • Several ways of using Bird Ringing as a tool:
    • Education – Many teachers and students visit our stations to learn about the ringing process.
    • Ecotourism – The station is open to the public, attracting birdwatchers and bird lovers.
    • Study/Research – Many research projects have been conducted as a direct result of stations’ work.
  • Future plans include resuming operations in Jericho and opening a third ringing station in Gaza to gain a cross section for the migration of birds in Palestine.
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