SEEN - SE European Bird Migration Network
Migration of Birds of Prey at Arhavi in September 2003
Reinhard Vohwinkel
Meiberger Weg 26, D-42553 Velbert, Germany

In the autumn of 2003, we, (Reinhard Vohwinkel, Hermann Knüver and Okan Can) were invited by Cavit Bilen to look at the migration of Birds of Prey in his homeland, at the 600 year old traditional falconry of Sparrow Hawks near the coast of the Black Sea in the North West part of Turkey.
In this presentation I will introduce the impressions of our journey between 12th and 23rd September 2003. You will see the photo collection of Hermann Knüver and myself, of the fantastic landscape and of the birds of prey during their migration through the valleys and over the hills coming from the coast.
Also I present some facts on how the Sparrow Hawk hunting in this region is done and I will show you pictures of birds of prey, which we trapped to take data, to weigh and to band before we released them again. Pictures of some sub-species of Songbirds, which we caught during our trip, are also shown.
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