SEEN - SE European Bird Migration Network
Ringing Programmes of the Iranian Department of Environment
Sadegh Sadeghi Zadegan
Wildlife and Aquatic Affaires Bureau, Department of Environment,
PO Box: 15875-5181, Pardisan Eco-Park, Tehran, I. R. Iran

Bird ringing in Iran has been carried out by a number of people and organizations (1961-1965). In 1966 the Iran Game and Fish Department (Further Department of Environment) initiated its own project to ringing wildfowl and issued its own rings. The scheme has undertaken a number of special ringing programs with selected species as following: a)Wildfowl Ringing Project;   b)Greater Flamingo Ringing Project;   c)White Pelican Ringing Project;   d)Shore birds;   e)Birds of Prey; and  f)Passerines. As the ringing scheme expands, and more and more birds are caught and ringed, there were a greatly increased exchange of recovery data and other information with ringing scheme in neighboring countries.
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