SEEN - SE European Bird Migration Network
Results of 2003 ringing studies at Akyatan station (S Turkey)
Özge Ke┼čapli Can
Turkish Bird Research Society (KAD) PK 311 06443 Yeni┼čehir/Ankara, Turkey

Akyatan station (36o 36.009` N 35o 16.575` E) is situated on the coast of the biggest lagoon of Çukurova Delta (S Turkey). Between the lagoon and the sea there lies an extensive area of dunes covered by a plantation of Acacia, Eucalyptus and Pinus trees. Mistnets were placed among reedbeds and bushes along the coast of the lagoon and among bushes at the edge of the forest.
 During spring, a pilot study was carried out between 4-15 April and 494 birds of 38 species were ringed. Except for the first day – which was probably the last day of a migration wave peak – daily numbers were low with an average of 41 birds. The most numerous 5 species were Sylvia atricapilla (188), S. curruca (78), Alcedo atthis (36), Phylloscopus collybita (31) and S. communis (29). On April 15, an immature Oenanthe cypriaca was caught. This species is rarely recorded in Turkey. During the pilot study, 271 orientation experiments were carried out with Busse cages.
In autumn, the study started on 8 September and continued till 5 October. Daily figures were moderate with an average of 57 birds (maximum 111 birds on 28 September). Totally 1546 birds of 44 species were ringed. The most numerous species were S. atricapilla (312), S. borin (264), Passer hispaniolensis (157), P. trochilus (151) and S. curruca (105). In addition on 24 September, an Acrocephalus dumetorum was caught, comprising the fourth Turkish record of the species. 450 orientation experiments were carried out using Busse cages with 16 species – most of them on S. atricapilla (119), S. borin (91) and P. trochilus (76). During the autumn study, the nets were closed between 12:00 and 16:00 hours due to high temperatures.
A Pycnonotus xanthopygos and a Cettia cetti ringed at Akyatan in spring and an Alcedo atthis, ringed at Cernek station only couple of days ago, were controlled.
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