SEEN - SE European Bird Migration Network
Results of bird banding in Spring 2002 and 2003 at Titreyengöl/Sogun, Manavgat Turkey
Reinhard Vohwinkel(1) & Werner Prünte(2)
1 Meiberger Weg 26, D-42553 Velbert, Germany
2 Akazienweg 21, D-58730 Fröndenberg, Germany

In spring of 2002 (25.3 - 11.5) and 2003 (23.3 – 11.5), my friend Werner Prünte and myself captured birds near the River Manavgat, not far from the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey. During these seasons, with the help of people from Akdeniz University, Antalya and more than 20 volunteers, we caught 24953 birds in 116 sub-species. On our best day we ringed 1203 birds.
To reach our goal of getting these high numbers during these short seasons we used tape lures with the songs of 15 species, some during the night and some during the day. In both years our mist nets (108 metres long) were standing in fields along a hedge. In the year 2003 we used additional mist nets (120 metres long) in the field on the other side of the hedge to trap Wagtails and Pipits. Also in this year we had a special ‘high net’ (5 metres high and 24 metres long) and one extra mist net over flat water (12 metres long) on a pond for Swallows. At the shore of this pond we used three cages to trap Rails. On a few days we took the chance to trap Holarctic Waders on a riding-place filled with water after rain.
We took measurements of most of the birds and looked at the moult of rare species. All the birds were banded with a national Turkish metal ring we obtained from Turkish Bird Research Society (KAD) before we released them.
In our presentation we introduce our area. Further, we present the total of our first traps from all species and the results of the spatiotemporal course and phenology of selected species with high numbers during migration. Dates of our own re-traps and from 31 foreign re-traps were also shown.
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