SEEN - SE European Bird Migration Network
Ringing Season 2003 on the Courish Spit: preliminary results
Nadezhda Zelenova
Biological Station Rybachy, Zoological Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia

During the year 2003 generally 77 973 birds of 99 species and 137 bats of 7 species were ringed on the Courish Spit, SE Baltic Sea coast, by the Biological Station Rybachy. For 65 of these species, amount of ringed individuals in 2003 was higher than average yearly amount, and for ten of them yearly amount was the highest recorded since 1956. During May-December 2003, 75 birds of 22 species, ringed on the Courish Spit, were reported found outside it; these reports arrived from 14 different countries. During the whole year 2003, 364 birds of 29 species were trapped or found on the Courish Spit with foreign rings of 15 different countries.
Short overview of running research projects is given. Weather influence to the annual migration dynamics, and individual variations in timing of migration according to the ringing data are discussed.
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