SEEN - SE European Bird Migration Network
General report of the ringing and orientation experiments in Kalimok station
Mihaela Ilieva
Institute of Zoology, blvd. Tzar Osvoboditel 1, Sofia 1000, Bulgaria

In 2003, 1723 birds from 68 species were ringed during the migration periods at Kalimok ringing station (41o00'N 26o26'E, NE Bulgaria). Birds were caught with mist-nets, situated in reedbeds and deciduous forest during the spring (7 March - 28 May) and the autumn (5 August - 14 October) season. Species from genus Acrocephalus, Phylloscopus trochilus and Passer hispaniolensis were most numerous.
Besides ringing, 711 orientation experiments with long-distance migrants were made. Birds were tested in two types of orientation cages – Busse cage for daytime tests and Emlen funnels for night tests. Strong prevalence of non-migratory directions was observed in some species. Main headings in reversed pictures coincide with the observed directions obtained with the moon-watch method for free-flying birds in this place.
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