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Turkish National Ringing Scheme
Özge Keşapli Can
Turkish Bird Research Society (KAD) PK 311 06443 Yenişehir/Ankara, Turkey

The Turkish National Ringing Scheme was jointly launched by KAD, Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ) and the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks in March 2002. In spring 2002, 15,487 birds of 107 species, and in autumn 2002, 12,340 birds of 99 species were ringed. In addition, 26 birds from 13 countries were recovered while 7 birds ringed in Turkey were reported from 4 countries and 1 from Thrace (Turkey). Ringing was carried out at Manyas Kuşcenneti (run by KAD-MPG), Cernek (run by Ondokuz Mayis University), Titreyengöl (run by Reinhard Vohwinkel and Werner Prünte) and ODTÜ (run by KAD) stations.
In 2003, Akyatan (run by KAD) and Diyarbakir (run by Dicle University) stations became part of the scheme at the pilot scale. Totally, around 28,000 birds over 100 species were ringed in 2003 (data is still being compiled). In addition, 18 birds from 9 countries were recovered while 7 birds ringed in Turkey were reported from 4 countries. Apart from international recoveries, an Alcedo atthis, ringed at Cernek, was controlled at Akyatan.
This 2 years of ringing studies also yielded the first Turkish record of Phylloscopus borealis, the third and fourth Turkish records of Acrocephalus dumetorum, and the fourth Turkish record of Phylloscopus inornatus.
In December 2002, KAD initiated a project called “Expansion, Improvement and Publicization of Turkish National Ringing Scheme” with the support of UNDP GEF-SGP. This project aims to improve national capacity through training new ringers, to inform and involve local conservation authorities, to raise public awareness, to build up a stations network in Turkey, and to fully integrate the national ringing scheme with international initiatives. Within this project two basic ringing courses were organized in March and August 2003 with the participation of 100 people interested in ringing.
Within 2 years, 6 Turkish candidate ringers from KAD and Cernek stations fulfilled qualifications for a ringers licence as a result of intense training with experts from SEEN.
Within the scope of national ringing scheme, Ciconia ciconia color ringing project by KAD and Phoenicopterus ruber color ringing project by Nature Society (DD) were launched in summer 2003.
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