SEEN - SE European Bird Migration Network
Radio tracking of Sylvia borin during its autumn migration at the Black Sea coast, North of Turkey
Kiraz Erciyas, Y. Sancar Bar?ş
Ornithological Research Center, Ondokuz May?s University, 55139 Kurupelit Samsun, Turkey

Results of the Busse’s orientation cage (Busse 1995) experiments showed that directional preferences of most long distance nocturnal migrants headed almost to the same direction in Cernek ringing station. In 2004, cage experiment results from nocturnal long distance migrants recorded on both sides of the K?z?l?rmak River were heading to the K?z?l?rmak valley, which penetrates the coastal mountain belt in North – South direction. Our results suggested that orientation experiments show directional preferences related to the local topography / conditions. To support our hypothesis we radio tagged 10 Sylvia borin during their autumn migration. This presentation focuses on the preliminary findings of the radio tagged birds and compares the results with our previous experience. Beside their migration route some additional notes on stopover duration, flight height, weather circumstances and speed could be recorded.
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