SEEN - SE European Bird Migration Network
Seasonal dynamics 2006-2008 of Acrocephalus species at Cernek and Aras ringing stations
Nizamettin Yavuz1, Kiraz Erciyas1, Sedat ?nak2, Y.Sancar Bar?┼č1, Ça?an H.┼×ekercio?lu3, Mehmet K?rp?k2
1Ornithological Research Center, Ondokuz May?s University, 55139 Kurupelit Samsun, Turkey
2 Kafkas University, Faculty of Art and Sciences, Biology Department, Kars,, Turkey
3Stanford University, Biology Department, Conservation for Biology, Stanford CA, 94305-5020 USA

This study presents seasonal dynamics of Acrocephalus species at Cernek (41º36'N, 36º05'E) and Aras (40º07'16''N, 43º35'00''E) ringing stations. These places differ in habitat and topography. The aim of our study was to compare the seasonal dynamics, passage density and age structure of the Acrocephalus species caught at these stations.

Data were collected with the standards of the SEEN (Busse 2000). The analyses showed that Acrocephalus species were ringed in higher density in Aras than in Cernek. At both stations in autumn Acrocephalus scirpaceus and in spring A. arundinaceus were the dominating Acrocephalus species. The seasonal dynamics of A. scirpaceus was different in spring and in autumn. There was a significant age differences in A. arundinaceus at both stations.
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