SEEN - SE European Bird Migration Network
Monitoring programme of bird migration in the Straits of Gibraltar

Luis Barrios, Gonzalo Munoz, Alejandro Onrubia, Andres de la Cruz & David Cuenca
Fundacion Migres

The MIGRES PROJECT is a monitoring programme for studying bird migration through the Straits of Gibraltar. This project is financed by Regional Government (Consejeria de Medio Ambiente, Junta de Andalucia). The general objectives of the program are: o To estimate both qualitatively and quantitatively the importance of bird migration through the Straits of Gibraltar. o To detect long-term population changes of several groups of birds, both in Spain and in the rest of Western Europe, by obtaining population index of species during migration that will allow in the future following population trends. o To study the migratory pattern of birds when passing throughout the Straits of Gibraltar (phenology, migratory strategies, etc.). o To spread the value of bird migration as a resource for local development. The MigreS Programme started in 1997 with the survey of autumn migration of Soaring Birds, coordinated by Spanish Ornithological Society (SEO) (1997-2005). In 2003, the University of Cadiz designed the monitoring scheme for seabird migration (2002-2004). The MIGRES Foundation has assumed in 2006 the responsibility for coordinating and performing the MigreS Program. During 2006 and 2007 the programme includes the survey during spring and autumn of soaring birds, seabirds and passerines combining different methodologies (visual observations ?diurnal and nocturnal-, surveillance radar and catching methods ?ringing-).

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