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Ringing Results of Palestine

Simon Awad
Environmental Education Center in Palestine (EEC), P. O. Box 67765, East Jerusalem, Palestine,

The Environmental Education Center is running two ringing stations in Palestine in two different Ecosystems: The first: Talitha Kumi monitoring and ringing station is found inside the campus of Talitha Kumi School in the Western Mountains of Bethlehem which located to the South-West of Jerusalem between 31° 41' N and 35° 09' E. They have altitude between 700 - 913 m above the sea level. The ringing station covers about 40 dunums (4 dunums = acre). We have started ringing since 10/03/2000. We caught 3140 birds in the period of (2000 to 2007); we ring twice a week on migration seasons: spring (15/2-30/5) and autumn (15/8- 30/11). The most numerous species are Sylvia atricapilla and Sylvia curruca. 332 orientation experiments had been done on different species. A Phylloscopus collybita with Tel-Aviv University was trapped. The second: Jericho monitoring and ringing station that is located in the rift valley. The ringing station covers about 30 dunums. We have started ringing since 14/04/2000. The station was inactive in the last five years, we reactive it in the spring of 2007, two ringing days were done in which we caught 101 birds with 19 different species. A Sylvia curruca ringed in Jericho was reported from Poland in 28 days.

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