SEEN - SE European Bird Migration Network
Two years co-operation of SEEN Network with the Arosio Bird Observatory

Katarzyna RosiƄska, Karolina Adamska and Anna Augustyn
Bird Migration Research Station, University of Gdansk, Przebendowo, 84-210 Choczewo, Poland;
The Arosio Bird Observatory, Via Cascina Perego, 1, 22060 Arosio (CO), Italy

The subject of the SEEN Network investigations is studying bird migration along the south eastern migration route. Co-operation with the Arosio Bird Observatory enable monitoring of autumn bird migration along western migration route based on SEEN methodology. In years 2005 and 2006 two SEEN co-operators conducted studies at the Arosio Bird Observatory, located in western part of the Pre-Alps. Term of work was similar in both years (2005: 22 Sep. - 28 Oct.; 2006: 21 Sep. - 29 Oct.). Birds were caught in mist-nets with tape luring. Nets were located in typical for this region garden, specially designed to catch birds. Birds were ringed and measured according to SEEN standards (wing-, tail-length, wing formula, fat determination) and local station standards (third primary length, tarsus length, muscle-score). Besides this, some nocturnal migrants were tested for directional preferences in the Busse's cage. Nearly 3 000 birds from 39 species were caught in 2005 and nearly 2 000 from 35 species in 2006. In both years three most numerous species were the Song Thrush, Robin and Blackcap. Term of our study comprised the most intensive period of above species migration in this area. In year 2005 - 323 orientation tests were performed, the most numerous tested birds were Robins (225 tests) and Blackcap (79 tests). In 2006 number of tested birds was 412, including 219 Robins and 122 Blackcaps.

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