SEEN - SE European Bird Migration Network
Passage timing of the Blue Tit (Parus caeruleus) migrating along the southern Baltic coast

Jacek Chruściel

Bird Migration Research Station, University of Gdańsk, Poland

This study presents passage timing of Blue Tits migrating along the Polish Baltic Coast in autumn. An analysis is based on several thousands of birds caught and ringed at two stations: Mierzeja Wiślana and Bukowo-Kopań. Data were collected with the standard field methods given in detail in the SEEN Bird Station Manual (Busse 2000).
The analysis showed that Blue Tit migration on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea started in mid-September and lasted till the end of October. Date of migration beginning was not constant – it changed from year to year. On the contrary, the end of migration was stable – it was most often in the last days of October, or exceptionally in the first days of November.
 Median passage day at both station was on the beginning of October, though at Bukowo-Kopań it was 6 days later than at Mierzeja Wiślana. Similarly the passage at Bukowo-Kopań started later than at Mierzeja Wiślana.
 Earlier date of passage beginning had no effect either on its intensity or number of migrating birds.

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