SEEN - SE European Bird Migration Network
Differences in stopover duration of four Acrocephalus warblers in southern Moravia

Josef Chytil1, Petr Procházka2

1 Pálava Protected Landscape Area, Mikulov, Czech Republic
2 Institute of Vertebrate Biology, Brno, Czech Republic

Conditions at stopovers significantly affect survival rates and future reproductive output of migratory birds. We studied stopover ecology of four Acrocephalus warblers in a reedbed in SE Czech Republic in 1995–1999. Numbers of caught birds differed over the study period and were positively affected by the presence of water in the littoral stands. Similarly, recapture proportions were higher in years when the water level was high. Minimum stopover duration differed significantly among the species, however, did not differ between the years with different water levels. Our results suggest that the differences we found reflect different migration strategies of the four species and that water level management plays an important role for migrating Acrocephalus warblers.

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