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Ringing results of Turov and Vitebsk ringing stations (Belarus) in 2005

Dzmitry Zhurauliou, Siarhei Dorofeev

Belarus Bird Ringing Centre, Institute of Zoology, National Academy of Science of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus

Turov Ringing Station is located in Southern Belarus in Middle Pripyat (Central Polessia). In autumn 2005 ringing activities were carried out during three periods: 14–28 August, 9–17 September and 9–19 October. Birds were trapped with mist-nets. In August and September 72 m of mist-nets were used and in October – 12 m. A total of 1077 birds of 49 species were ringed in the station. The most numerous five species were Acrocephalus schoenobaenos (about 30%), Parus major (10%), Phylloscopus trochilus and Phylloscopus collybita (8% each) and Emberiza schoeniclus (6%). In total, 324 orientation experiments were done. A Fieldfare (Turdus pilaris) ringed 28 September 2001 in Turov was shot 12 December 2004 in Cantal, France.
 Vitebsk Ringing Station is located in Northern Belarus near the border with Russia. In spring 2005 the ringing activities were carried out between 12 April and 2 May. In total, 206 birds of 30 species were ringed. The most numerous species were Erithacus rubecula (37%) and Fringilla coelebs (10%). Autumn study was conducted from 21 August till 15 October. A total of 979 birds of 36 species were ringed. Erithacus rubecula (23%), Parus major (16%), Phylloscopus sibilatrix(13%), Sylvia atricapilla (8%) and Prunella modularis (7%) were the top five species of the season.

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