SEEN - SE European Bird Migration Network
Ringing Results of Cernek Station in 2005

Kiraz Erciyas, Arzu Gürsoy, A. Cemal Özsemir, Y. Sancar Baris

Ondokuz May?s University, Ornithological Research Center, Turkey

During the year 2005, a total of 6332 birds of 89 different species were ringed at Cernek ringing station. The birds were caught by mistnets (38 mistnets, totally 315 m in both seasons).
In the spring, the study started on 21 March and continued till 26 May and 1780 birds of 77 species were ringed. The most numerous five species were Phylloscopus trochilus (356), Erithacus rubecula (285), Sylvia atricapilla (141), Phylloscopus collybita (135), Turdus merula (91).
Lullula arborea (1), Turdus pilaris (1), Emberiza schoeniclus (1), Porzana parva (1), Porzana porzana (3), Nycticorax nycticorax (1), Falco vespertinus (1), Oenanthe hispanica (1), Corrasias garrulus (1), Anthus cervinus (2), Actitis hypoleucos (2), Alauda arvensis (3) were recorded for the first time in our station.
In the autumn ringing activity was conducted from 15 August till 19 October. In total, 4552 birds of 68 species were ringed. Sylvia borin (717), Sylvia atricapilla (568), Phylloscopus collybita (444), Phylloscopus trochilus (413), Muscicapa striata (356) were the most numerous five species of the season.
Aythya ferina (1), Accipiter brevipes (1), Podiceps nigricollis (1), Acrocephalus dumetorum (1), Gallinago gallinago were new for our station.
Besides ringing, 448 orientation experiments of 26 species in spring, 788 orientation experiments of 30 species in autumn were done.
An Alcedo atthis ringed at Cernek station in autumn 2004 (12 September) was retrapped in autumn 2005 (7 September) in Egypt and a Phylloscopus trochilus ringed in Cernek reported dead from Finland.

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